The board members in Switzerland work with passion and dedication for Extending Hope. 

To make sure 100% of your donation reaches the community in Malawi, the board is covering all other expenses like IT, administration, marketing, print media and travel costs by themself. 

Esther Bachmann

President EHO Switzerland

Monika Häuptli

Vice President/ Finance​

Jürgen Wehmann

Board Member / Outreach Preparation​

“I like to inspire people who wish to make the world a better place.”

Tabea Rüegger

Board Member / Outreach Preparation

“Giving people a new and hopeful perspective, so their lives can change in a sustainable way, that's what my heart is burning for.”

Shannon Bachmann

Board Member/ Events / Social Media

“I have a passion for child education and sustainable development. I believe my work at these Projects for Extending Hope make a real impact for the communities in Malawi.”

Jan Bachmann

Board Member/ Website / project planning​

“As entrepreneur, I am enthusiastic about sustainable job development in Malawi. I find it rewarding that Extending Hope is able to support families in need, provide them jobs or trainings and give them a new perspective of life.”