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The Board of Trustees

The board of trustees oversees the work of Extending Hope in Malawi. In this picture the board met with the administrator and the coordinator.

Chifuniro Chikwafumbwa (Coordinator), Tupokiwe Banda (Trustee), Daudi Banda (Education Director), Billy Kuntepere (Trustee, Chairman), Fred Nzuza (Trustee, Secretary), Asante Masanche (Trustee), Edwin Banda (Trustee, legal advisor), Philip Mphepo (Administrator)


Extending Hope has got an organic structure. Each project is led by a project team. The project teams are overseen by the Executive Director and the board.

More than 50 people work for Extending Hope daily to extend hope in Malawi.

Contact in Switzerland

For further information on the projects in Malawi, you may contact the board of the Swiss Association:

Vice-President, Swiss Board

Paul Whiting