About Extending Hope
Empowering others to bring about new community opportunities

Vision and Goals​

Extending Hope …
• brings Hope to the hopeless
• inspires to sustainable and holistic development of individuals and communities, regardless of their cultural and religious background.
• invests in the areas of health, education, nutrition, agriculture, environment, economy, culture and society.


According to help for self-organization, Extending Hope wants to empower, equip and encourage disadvantaged people and communities. 
We invest…
• in people and relationships
• in empowerment projects
•in co-reflection
• in providing and exchange of know-how.


Extending Hope
• multiplies ideas and resources.
• enables and supports projects on site.
• encourages and equips people to participate in operations.


Extending Hope Foundation
• is a non-governmental developmentorganization and relates to Christian values.
- is notprofit-oriented and invests selflessly in the sense of volunteering.
- understands man as being created in the image of God. This circumstance assigns value and dignity to people and integrates them in relationships, tasks and responsibilities.
- campaigns for reconciliation,justice, truthfulness and freedom.
- acts hopefully, with integrity, patiently and sustainably.